Shopping Trip Bust

Taking a little break from going out, which has slowly become apart of my weekly routine, and did a little shopping with my mom and grandma. I’m not sure what got into me because I definitely went to Nordstrom just to return a few things but walked out with a bunch of things I don’t need. The consequences of that is that absolutely nothing fit! Not a thing! I didn’t want to try anything on but I wanted to shop, which now I know must go hand in hand. I was thinking that I need to slow down on the amount of trendy pieces I buy because I don’t wear them nearly as much as I do my basics, so in turn this will probably save me some money, as long as I don’t continue this cycle of returning and buying. 😁



What I Wore

Moto Jacket: The Kooples, Flannel: H&M, Leggings: Target, Sneakers: Nikes

Marah Renee @themediarebel