My New Favorite Statement Necklaces

DSCN2770 DSCN2771

One of my favorite trends lately has been layering accesories. I am definitely still obsessed with stacking bracelets, watches, and such, but since I spend 8-9 hours everyday on a computer, they get in the way, so unfornately it’s just easier to layer one or two and call it a day.

However, necklaces are a lot easier to layer! They’re easy to throw on, and there’s really no rule on what to layer. I’ve seen lots of girls layer gold and silver, rose gold and gold, and any other combination you could possibly imagine. What works for me (because I’m normally running late and only have a few seconds to throw on some jewelry) are the necklaces that come “per-layered”. Pre-layered meaning it comes with multiple chains on it already and has one clasp. This makes it easier when you’re in a rush and you dont really have to think of any combinations yourself.

Along with my layered necklaces, I also purchased a fun statement gold necklace. I have silver one similar to this, but that one is getting a little rusty, because I literally paid $5 for it at H&M, so I thought it was time for an update. I will definitely add a pop to an all black outfit or a cute going out outfit. I’m sure you guys will see me wear the hell out of these over the next few weeks so stay tuned on how I will style them.

Happy Thursday 🙂