Kylie Jenner Lip Kit- First Impressions of 22 and True Brown K


This isn’t a review, just so you know. It’s more of a “I’m so happy/crazy/excited I was able to get my hands on Kylie Jenner’s lip kit” post. I’ll do a full review once I’ve wore them a few more times, because I want the initially “high” from having her lipkit to subside so I can actually accurately describe whether the lip kits formula is good or not. I love Kylie so I’m totally biased at the moment about her lip kits because I love her, but that’s not a true review, so maybe I’ll do a true review once I get more of her lip kits…

However, based on the two times I’ve wore 22, which is the orangish red, it was super drying but literally lasted me all day- through several cups of coffee, lunch, and happy hour. I’ve only wore True Brown K once, yesterday in fact, and it wasn’t nearly as drying and lasted me through most of the day. I love that they both dry matte and don’t lose their pigmentation throughout the day, and they’re both gorgeous colors. 22 is brighter than what I’m used to, but it actually goes great with my skin tone, and it’s the perfect Spring lipstick for an extra pop of color. True Brown K is my love, it’s totally me and my style, since I wear nudes and Browns on the daily, but it’s a nice change because of how matte it is verses my slightly creamy and glossy lipsticks. Overall, I’m thinking Kylie’s lip kits get a 3.5/5, but who knows I may feel differently once I’ve wore them a little more. I am excited to try a few more colors, if I can get my hands on them, especially the newest purple color that should be coming out soon called KourtK. Other shades I’m thinking about trying are Dolce K and Posie K.

By the way, I also saw rumors on Twitter that the next sale will be Monday March 21 at 4pm PST, so hopefully you can get your hands on this lipstick if you haven’t already!

Let me know what shades you want to buy and try, or which ones you’ve bought so far!

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