Newest Purchase: Timberland Boots in Grey


 After some wine, dinner, and running around the mall looking for brown booties (which I never ended up finding), I did however find these grey Timberlands I’ve been lusting over! I first saw them on the Urban Outfitters website and the way that the model styled them was gorgeous, so I put them in my cart, but the next day they were gone. Fast forward two weeks, while I was waiting for my friend to be rung up at the Nordstrom counter, I saw the Tims in the corner of my eye! I ran (literally) ran over to the shoes, asked the sales associates if they had these in my size, and they were actually the last ones in my size!

Apparently this particular color is coveted, so they constantly sell out, which makes them even harder to find! Do I really need another pair of boots? No. But I don’t have anything in the color in my wardrobe, they’re so comfortable to walk around in, and these are shoes I can wear all year long! I can wear them with a t-shirt dress and a flannel, an all black jeans and a tee, high waisted pants and a crop top…pretty much any outfit you can imagine!

Here’s a few links to these boots in case you’re interested: TimberlandShoe Mall, Shoe Buy

Marah Renee @themediarebel