Planning My Outfits for the Week


While scrolling through Twitter, I saw a tweet from Who What Wear with the topic: This is how stylish women keep their outfits so consistently chic. I clicked it and one of the 6 things stylish people do, according to the list, is pick out outfits a week in advance, or Sunday night. So this week I’m going to take a break from beauty related posts and focus solely on fashion, so I can see just how helpful planning out a weeks worth of outfits will be. Usually, I pick out outfits the night before, but I think picking out an entire weeks worth may be a little tricky.

My mood and vibe could totally be different from Sunday to Monday morning let alone, Sunday to Friday. But I want to try it just to see if this is helpful or not, and if I actually stick to the outfits I chose. Let’s see how this week goes, but here’s an overview of the 5 outfits I chose.Signature