Who What Wear X Target Collaboration

Finally got a chance to go to Target to check out their collab with Who What Wear. If you haven’t checked out the website you definitely should! It includes all things fashion and lifestyle, and it’s great for inspiration, especially if you’re in a rut with your style or want to try incorporate a new trend into your everyday style.

In this collection there are a lot of great basics as well as some great key items. I’m always on the hunt for a great staple jacket, and luckily they had a leather jacket with silver hardware! It’s not stiff at all which I love and it will be a great layering piece for any outfit. Along with that, I picked up a great denim dress that I’m planning on wearing more like a duster cardigan. I’m going to leave it open and pair it with a high waisted pants and either a crop top or tuck my shirt in. I also got a plain striped tee which is very body but skinny jeans will definitely balance that out!

Overall, I liked the collection. I do think the basic tops were a little overpriced for Target, but the quality seems to be pretty good. The collection also includes some fitted trousers which are not my style at all so I didn’t bother to try them on. I will say the collection has a little something for everyone no matter what your style is, so it’s a great representation of the brand entirely.