HRH Collection Jewelry Review

I’ve been debating about writing this review only because I love the YouTuber HRH Collection aka Alex, and I don’t want to be negative towards her or her business, but I have mixed feelings about her jewelry. The two pieces shown above are my favorite and most worn jewelry pieces in my whole accessory collection, but I ordered three others that weren’t so great. To quickly go over the not so great pieces I got a choker with a jewel in the middle that I can’t wear because it’s too small, a silver bracelet that’s also too small, and a “choker t-shirt necklace” that is too small. I sent Alex and email to see if I could send them back so she could fix them and I got no response. However, I was a little crafty and I used the small bracelet with the choker t-shirt necklace so I could wear the necklace. I wish she would have responded to my email and fixed the jewelry  that was too small, but I do wear the jewelry that did work so….

But! On a positive note I love the two pieces above just the way they are! The silver bracelet with leather intertwined is gorge and it definitely adds an edge to my outfits. I’m tempted to get another one so I can stack them, along with my new Apple Watch I just got. To the right is another t-shirt necklace that I just throw over my head and I’m out the door. It’s a great layering piece with shorter necklaces and still works great by itself! My favorite way to style it is with a plain black v-neck tank, so I can show off the jewelry and it creates a sexy going out outfit without being overly sexy.

Overall I like the pieces that I can actually fit and I love watching Alex’s videos. I would be careful if you order from her and just make sure that you pay attention to her sizing/measurements because she might not fix it for you if it doesn’t fit.