Apple Watch


All black in December? Why not.

It’s freezing cold outside, well 50 degrees so I think this is perfect weather for all black right? I’m wearing a sharkbite sweater from Jaclyn Smith, which I’m the assistant buyer of, along with some Topshop leather leggings and my fav Steve Madden boots.

I wanted to wear light and easy pieces so I could return a few things at the mall and go buy my Apple Watch!

 Now I know I’m last to get on the bandwagon and I honestly wasn’t even going to join, but I was searching online for good Christmas deals and I discovered an amazing deal on Best! It’s $100 off all Apple Watches! For Black Friday weekend it was only $50, so I thought this was perfect timing to get my hands on one of these, and for a good price. I opted for the Apple Care, that my mom pushed me into getting, so it came out to about $350 for a gold 42 watch. I haven’t played around with it too much yet, but I’m obsessed already! I guess this was a little Christmas gift to myself. 🙂