Quick Way to Wash the Makeup Away

Ewww gross why is she showing her used makeup wipes? (Probably what your thinking)

I’m showing them to prove just how great these two products are. I’ve raved about them before, individually and probably together but they’ve been lifesavers lately! I’ve been spending more time at my boyfriends house and we go out, stay out late, and wake up early the following day so to say I’m exhausted is an understatement. Since I’m always on the go and don’t want to necessarily take the time to wash my face, I’ve been relying on my Oxy makeup remover wipes and Target brand eye makeup remover to do the job for me. They both take off all of my makeup, don’t leave much excess (because let’s be real all makeup remover wipes leave a little something), but when I use two wipes for my whole face everything comes off. It’s also compact so it’s easy to throw in an overnight bag and there’s so many wipes in each container, so they will last you at minimum two months. The eye makeup remover lasts forever and a day too and I’ve never had the bottle break in my bag or anything crazy so it’s great for traveling as well. What are your go-to beauty products lately?