What I Bought: in December

Drinking and shopping is always a good idea right? Wrong because then you end up with all of this stuff.

If you didn’t know Neiman Marcus is currently having a sale throughout the store, so during my lunch break I decided to walk around when I stumbled on some amazingly beautiful Stuart Weitzman shoes! They’re black with studs, what more could a girl ask for? I also found some Christian Louboutins on sale:


Beautiful right?  But not the right time for me to purchase them with Christmas right around the corner. Maybe in the future? We will see.

However I did buy the studded Weitzman boots which are less than half the cost and also beautiful. After a few rounds with a friend, we ate tons at the Nordstrom Bistro and I picked up a few things. A jewelry tray that says Bonjour, a tee from Brandy Melville, and a cute, gold notebook for work. All in all it was a successful shopping trip! 👜