What’s in my Bag: Alexander McQueen

Bag: Alexander McQueen, Makeup Bag: Louis Vuitton, Gloves: Nordstrom, Lipstick: Tom Ford

Wallet: Alexander Wang, Sunnies: Quay Australia 

I was switching out my bag to a smaller cross body and I figured I would share what have been my must haves in my bag for the past couple of weeks. First off, I bought this bag for myself for my birthday at Neiman Marcus and it’s beautiful. It’s small, red with gold accents, and there’s a skull on it! Yassss I said a skull. I’m totally obsessed with skulls so that pretty much sold me on purchasing this bag. I’ve never thought to buy an Alexander McQueen bag, because when I think of the designer I instantly think of the scarves, but this bag is amazing quality and I’d definitely repurchase or buy another bag from the designer. Compared to my baby Celine, it actually seems less spacious, probably because it’s more structured, but I love it all the same.

As far as what I keep in my bag, of course gloves first because it’s freezing outside! Along with my makeup up bag (the Louis Vuitton Pochette), my new Tom Ford lipstick that I received from my mom for my birthday, gum (for obvious reasons), wallet, makeup travel brush, my new Quay Australia sunnies, train pass/ badge to get in my building, and most importantly my earphones!

Yes it all fits in my bag. Yes it’s a little snug, but the bag zips and that’s what counts right?