Nail Trend: White Color Nails


Finally had the opportunity to try out the white nail trend. I’m not sure why I decided now was the time but I took the plunge and I did it!

To someone who doesn’t wear makeup I would say “Yes, do it!” But for the girls who wear makeup I would say don’t do it! The nails are pretty don’t get me wrong. They’re so cute that you can stare at them all day, take loads of Instagram and Snapchat pictures but the brightness of the color won’t last. At this point it’s been a week and a half and my nails are white with a grayish tent because of the makeup and honestly everyday life. Shellac and all, the white nails don’t stay as pretty and shiny as you would hope. So unless you’re going back to the salon or you’re going to repaint them after a week, I’d advise against it.