Motivation Monday #37

 Long time no blogging! Sorry guys, if you follow me on Twitter (@themediarebel) you know I’ve been in the transition of moving. My mom, brother, and I are basically moving to the other side of the city we live in, so it’s not like it’s a drastic change, but it’s definitely tiring and taking up another time. There’s been lots of furniture shopping, finding room inspiration on tumblr, and binge watching YouTube videos for inspiration. I’m pretty sure I haven’t had matching furniture since I was a little kid, probably because I’ve been so focused on clothing, accessories, and all that jazz but I think I should be focusing some of my attention, and money on furniture, because I spend so much time at home and in my room that it should reflect me and personality don’t ya think?

Besides dealing with moving, there’s been a lot of family and work stress…and I mean a lot. To the point of me not eating anything more than chips and soda for 2 days and not even realizing it until I feel so dehydrated that I can’t even think straight. Along with my horrible diet I’ve also been doing a lot of crying, which is usually my way of getting through stress because I’m not someone who really likes talking about personal things that are happening right at the moment (although I have a blog which kinda contradicts that statement).

I’ve also been doing a lot of soul searching, which is also exhausting and frustrating. I think I’ve also figured out that where I thought I’d be at 21 (going on 22) is not where I actually am in my life, and that’s a hard pill to swallow. I mean yes technically I have the title, the money, “the stuff”(materialize wise), and everything that you would think makes you happy, but I’m not, and it’s weird. I think that I’ve spent a long time thinking money would make me happy, or getting the so called “perfect job” would make me happier, and it hasn’t, so now I’m on the hunt to figure out what will make me happy. So far, I’ve been doing things I want to do (besides just buying stuff); so I’ve been going to the movies more, getting my nails done (then taking them off two weeks later when I’m over them), drinking cheap wine over dinner with my friends, sleeping until noon on the weekends, trying out new restaurants and even new foods, laughing with my co-workers about stupid awkward embarrassing moments, going to see really good movies after on a whim, drinking good coffee, walking around Target aimlessly and walking out with nothing, and listening to really good music. Random things that do cost money but don’t necessarily have to do with materialistic, shiny things. I realize that what makes me happy way more than purses, shoes, or shirts do is having fun and enjoying my life the way I want to enjoy it. I think I’m just starting to get my priorities straight, so forgive me for not being as active on The Media Rebel as I once was, but I’m sure as I start getting more and more comfortable with my list of priorities I will start writing again, little by little.


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