Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation Review

This is my first ever drugstore foundation. Oddly enough, when I got into makeup, I went straight into more expensive brands. Probably because there are tons and tons of makeup tutorials on YouTube with MAC, Makeup Forever, and other brands that aren’t cheap. So I’m kinda going backwards in the sense of always using MAC to actually trying this Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation.

Crazy enough, the foundation (my color: Toffee Coffee) actually matches my skin perfectly! I actually didn’t think it would match, which is why I bought my usual MAC foundation too, but it did! Not only does it match my skin, but the coverage is great and definitel buildable. There have been days when I just want very light coverage, but I can also build it up to my usual full coverage look. Did I mean this foundation is like $10?! I didn’t even think that price existed in the foundation world!

I got the matte poreless foundation because I have oily skin, which is great after 4 hours or so, because my face gets super oily. However, for the first four hours of the day it’s a little too matte for me, which I didn’t think was possible. Between my Urban Decay Setting Spray and MAC powder, this foundation gets a little too matte, but I know I will thank myself later in the day for using it. So I would say definitely check out this foundation if you have oily skin, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for people with dry skin or patches, because this product will just heighten all of the “problem areas”, and that defeats the purpose of foundation don’t ya think?

What foundation should I try next? Any recommendations?


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