Celine Nano Tri-Color

The picture above is to compare the sizes of the Celine Mini Luggage to the Nano.

I took the plunge! It wasn’t technically impulse but it was technically not. I’ve been saving a little, well kinda sorta, because I’ve wanted a Celine Nano forever, but I’ve really wanted one since I bought my Celine Mini Luggage. But as I’m sure you all know, Celine’s are freakin expensive, and honestly I love my mini luggage so much more now that’s it’s worn in a little bit, and the leather has gotten softer. Because of this, I decided to check out Fashion Phile once again for a designer item.

I haven’t actively been looking for a Celine Nano, at all, but I think we all have our binge internet moments, and during my binge I found my future Celine Nano with navy, green, and grey colors. It’s suede, whereas my mini luggage is leather, but it’s nice to test out a new fabric in my handbag collection. I’m crazy about how I store my bags, so I’m not worried it will get ruined.
Now, in no way am I bragging, showing off, or anything like that because trust me I’m not. I’d never, especially not on my blog, but when I read reviews on products, or purses, I want to know every little thing about that bag, including the cost. So please don’t be offended that I discuss it. So, the Fashion Phile price was $1,950 and the original price is $2,850. I’d have to say that’s a deal right? I personally think so.
I’ve carried the bag for maybe 2 days now, and I can actually fit a lot in it. Unzipped I can fit a water bottle standing up (which I’m super surprised about), as well as my phone, keys, a small wallet, makeup bag, travel makeup brush, a retractable reusable bag, sunglasses, and a phone charger. Once I’ve had the bag for some time, maybe I’ll show what stuff I can fit, how I pack it, especially once I start taking it to work. Thoughts?


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