My Boots Story


I’m sure if you’ve been following for sometime now, you know I wear a lot of boots. And by a lot, I mean the majority of the time. My friends, especially childhood ones (who saw me pre-having some kinda sense when I got dressed), always ask me why.

Long story short, because I wanted to look different from those around me. When I first started wearing boots, maybe year one of college, I was going through a phase progression of not wanting to look like everyone else. I’m sure when I say this you’ll all say “Duh”, but going to a fashion school is competitive. Designer this designer that, wear this wear that, it’s annoyingly stressful. That’s when I started wearing boots.

Tons and tons of girls wore heels to school, which now that I look back was outrageously ridiculous because San Francisco is not a heels friendly city. And I always wore flats but they hurt my feet and everyone wore them so I bought some brown combat boots, and the rest was history.

Comfortable yes totally, 100% over any other shoe, but it repress my rebellious, more independent side. I guess this wasn’t such a long story short….


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