Happy Hour Smiles

DSCN2595 DSCN2596 DSCN2599

Trench Coat: Nordstrom Rack, Tank: Topshop, Jeans: Vince, Boots: Steve Madden

Backpack: MCM, Necklace: H&M


It was a happy hour kinda day. The day when it’d totally appropriate to drink wine with a good friend and just vent out you problems. Work related, personal related, anything that’s irritating you or annoying you. The wine just makes you laugh about it all.

Because the days at work have seemed oh so long, I brought my MCM backpack so that I can pack in extra necessities and not fuss around with a purse I have to carry around. Paired back to a trench coat and boyfriend jeans which is a great combo when its cold in the morning, but super freakin hot in the afternoon.


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