Current favorite highlighter

  By highlighter I mean for you face, not your homework. Just thought I’d make that clear. 😉
Now, I’ve had some very different experiences with the brand Black Radiance. Some products have sucked, but some have been amazing, and are now apart of my new must haves. This highlighter is pretty amazing. You get a lot of product on you makeup brush without scrapping it, which is my normal experience from drugstore makeup, and it stays on all day! I have oily skin so I normally stay away from shimmery makeup, but with this product as my face gets more oily, the highlight just adds a pretty glow to my cheeks. It’s like a “sun kissed” look, minus the sun…and the kiss. Since I’ve been a little boring with my makeup lately, it’s nice to add a bit of color back to my face without trying to hard.


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