Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Review

DSCN2556 DSCN2557

I splurged just a little and got the Louis Vuitton key chain pouch! I’m so obsessed with it it’s not even funny. You ever just run out the door to go get coffee or something but you don’t want to bring your purse, but just your keys and phone? That’s my life everyday at work when I just want to run out for coffee or a quick snack. This little pouch is already getting its use because I have my ID, credit cards, and little bit of cash and coins in it and that’s really all I need when I want to run out for a second. It’s small enough to not be a bother, like a purse, but big enough to keep the necessities. I’m sure if I needed to I could put a lipstick in there too! I’ve been eying this Louis Vuitton piece for years and I decided to splurge because of the money I saved during the 30 Day Challenge (read one of my first posts here). This will be my last splurge items for a while (at least I think so)Β  and what better option than this.


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