Nature Box – Healthy Snack Subscription Box

 Guess I’m jumping on the band wagon, although I’m super duper late on the subscription box trend, but hey better late than never right?! I’ve been wanting to get better with what I eat lately, and one of the problems I have most is snacking. There’s something about snacks that just make me happy. Think about it: chips, crackers, candy, cookies, all of it, it’s so addicting that I just can’t get enough! But I’m trying to control it by finding healthier options to snack on, and so I ordered a Nature Box. The first box was free (minus $2 for shipping), and it gives you the opportunity to see if you would even like it, before you commit to paying $10 a box every month.

My mom and I tested all of the snacks together, and I’m normally a picky eater but I actually loved four out of five snacks, which seems like a pretty good score to me! My favorite is probably the Masa Crisps (aka tortilla chips) because they seem like they would go great with guacamole, which I sadly didn’t have. My least favorite was the Sweet Blueberry Almonds because I hate blueberries and almonds, so that was probably the worst combination for me ever, but my mom loved them, so it just depends on taste.

 I know health isn’t really apart of what I normally write on my blog, but I thought I’d be fun to mix things up. Are there any subscription boxes I should try?