Wish List

With my 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge coming to an end, I thought I should write up a list of the thing I realized I was missing. That’s one of the great perks of this challenge is that you don’t really realize what things you really need in your wardrobe because all you can do is live with what’s in your wardrobe. You don’t always need to run out to a store to buy something new, just remake outfits with those core pieces! From this challenge I realized that I have way too many pieces that I don’t wear and I have way too many “trendy” pieces and not enough basic items I can wear over and over.

So here’s my wish list:

Better fitting denim

Great fitting basic tees

Fun casual tops with no graphics

Going “out on the town tops”

Two or three pairs of shoes that’s aren’t boots

Two or three great staple necklaces

One duster cardigan

New gold and silver hoop earrings

Hopefully I will shop a little smarter from now on, and stick with core pieces that I can wear time and time again with a new fun items too!


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