Bellami Hair Extensions – Burciaga Blends


Finally! The blue hair is gone!

You guys don’t even understand just how over that blue hair I was. I’m so glad its gone and over with. Although I’m not shopping this month, my hair looked sooo bad that I had to order new hair extensions. I could see in pictures that my hair was looking more and more (for the lack of a better word), a HOT MESS.

I decided to buy the Bellami Burciaga Blends hair extensions, which is a dark brown to a dirty blonde ombre. I’ve wanted to hop on the ombre hair train for a long time, but something has always held me back. But now is the time for me to test out this trend, and so far I’m loving it! The dirty blond tips of the hair goes really well with my skin completion, which is something I have to be careful of since I have darker skin. The clips are a little thicker than what I expected, but they don’t feel any heavier than other hair extensions I’ve had. The curls also hold really well, and I never use hairspray, so that proves just how well the curls hold throughout the day.

    Here are a few pictures of me from the back, so you guys can get a better look at my hair, and how it blends with the extensions.DSCN2434 DSCN2435 DSCN2436

It’s important to notice just how well these extensions blend. My hair is black.

I tried to dye my hair a dark brown, but my hair didn’t take, so my hair stayed black (ugh). But because I’m impatient, I decided to put in  the hair anyway, just to see if there was a possiblitiy that it would blend. And it did! My hair looks completely ombred, and not that my hair wouldn’t take the dark brown. This just truely shows how diverse the Bellami Hair lines are and I’m so excited to see how they keep up!

Til next time….

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