Wet N Wild Mocha-Licious Nude Lipstick Review


I’m still on the hunt for my favorite nude lipstick, for my skin tone, and I am pleased to say I am getting closer. I was randomly in Walgreens, actually looking for bagels (lol), and since they didn’t have any, I killed time by looking at the cosmetics department. Does anyone else feel like makeup sections are just dangerous to be around?

Any who, I found this lipstick, the Wet N Wild Mocha-licous (#914c), and it looked like a great shade! Plus it was $3, and how can you not buy it. It’s $3?! The application is smooth, although I admit the lipstick itself seems a little flimsy, like it could possibly half in half, so I opt  to not make the lipstick go any higher out of the package. It also feels great on my lips, not motorizing, but it doesn’t make my lips even more dry. Does that make sense? All in all, I love it. Its definitely up there in my favorites, I just wish the packaging didn’t reflect the retail price of $3.

Marah Renee

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