30 Day Wardrobe Challenge – Day 24

Day 24: Layer in an unexpected way.

This is a very awkward moment. I didn’t take a picture today.

It’s been a very, very long day…an emotional one, so I wasn’t in a smile, or posing mood. The day kinda took a turn for the worst towards the end of the day, when I had planned on taking pictures, so sorry, I just couldn’t today. I’m not quite ready to just bare my soul on this topic yet because it’s very fresh and vivid right now and I’m done being upset or crying today.

Long story short I basically saw someone I love and care about so very much have a panic attack today and it scared the crap out of me. I’ve gone down this road my entire life and I hate to see someone I love go through the same. I’d love to hold and save him, and protect him from harm, but I can’t and it sucks. So I had a moment, so I just need a night to re cooperate.

On a lighter note, my outfit. I did dress in theme, although technically I have no proof, but I wore a t-shirt tunic top that says “Laugh, Sing, Dance, Love”. (I’m now realizing the irony of this shirt & how my day actually went.) I layered the tunic with black leggings and an army green vest. Since it was chilly this morning, I wore a red flannel patterned jacket over my outfit, and finished it off with black boots and silver hoop earrings.

No excuses though. I will finish this challenge off strong! Starting tomorrow…

Marah Renee

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