30 Day Wardrobe Challenge – Day 23


Day 23: Wear a color you have not worn in awhile.

I’m almost positive that you guys have never seen me in pink. Probably because I despise the color, so I never buy it, thus never wear it. However, when it comes to flannels anything is possible. One of the many cool ass flannels I’ve received from Wardrobe Ritual includes this amazing flannel I’m wearing right now. And yes there’s pink in it, but I’m ok with that because it’s not only gorgeous, it’s edgy and different from anything I’ve ever seen. It looks like I’m this cool hipster who painted in this shirt, got bleach on it, and instead of throwing it away, I’m rockin it…. When really it came this way. Since I did have a semi business meeting to go to today, I threw on my Helmut Lang jacket, but the star of this outfit was definitely my flannel.

DSCN2457 DSCN2458

Flannel: Wardrobe Ritual, Jacket: Helmut Lang, Tee: James Pearse, Skinnies: Topshop, Boots: Just Fab


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