30 Day Wardrobe Challenge – Day 21


Day 21: Belt Your Outerwear.

Considering the fact that I don’t have not one piece of outerwear I could possibly belt, I’m gonna show you how to use the belting method without even using a belt. The whole point of a belt, when using it as an accessory and not as something to hold your pants up, is to define your waist. I did that by tucking in my shirt into my pants and letting the “built in belt in my pants” do all the talking. It’s a trick I use often especially when I wear lounge pants because I tend to wear multiple flowy pieces in on outfit, and one way to make that kinda look not look so sloppy is to tuck in your shirt.

DSCN2442 DSCN2443 DSCN2444

Kimono: Urban Outfitters, Tank: Topshop, Pants: Boutique in Chicago, Sandals: Aldo


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