Black Radiance Bronzer Review


Ugh, sorry, I try not to be a Negative Nancy about products be use what may not work for me could work for someone else.

But no. That’s not possible with this so called bronzer. Now this brand as a whole isn’t bad at all. In fact, I just wrote a lipstick review that I raved about this Black Radiance lipstick but the bronzer…not so much.

Don’t do it, but don’t buy it.

It leaves this super awkward dark dark purple stain on your cheek that looks like someone just punched you in the face (literally). It sucks because it swatched beautifully in Target, but it doesn’t look good on your face. I’ve tried reworking it with other bronzers, blushes you name it. At one point I tried to do a contour with it and I looked so bad, I had to take off all of my foundation and that bronzer, so I could start from scratch. At that point I threw it in the garbage.

$4 down the drain.

The golden bronzer is better but it’s basic. It doesn’t do much and there’s more products out there that do a better job quite frankly. I really wanted to rant and rave about how amazing this brand is; it sucks I cant. Maybe I’ll just have to stick to their lip products. 😦

Marah Renee

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