MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation Review

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I’ve been using the MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in the color NW43 for probably a year if not longer. Before finding this foundation, I constantly tried new foundations because I was looking for the best of the best. I want/need: full coverage, something that blends well with my skin, and doesn’t make me too oily. Thank god I was able to find this MAC foundation because it does exactly that. I know that many people who have oily skin has said that MAC makes their skin worse, but that probably has something to do with the setting powder, spray, or whatever that they’re using (obiv it isn’t doing its job).

I personally use the Urban Decay Makeup Setting spray and that allows me to use MAC and not worry about oily skin. Not only does this foundation have great coverage, there are sooo many shades to choose from that one of those shades will work for you, no matter what color you are. When I spend a little too much time in sun, there is a shade darker I use that works just as well as this one. Overall, I really enjoy this foundation, although I do miss trying other foundations just to see what’s out there, it’s hard to ignore my fav.

What do you use?

Marah Renee

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