Cover Girl Lipstick Review


Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee? Who doesn’t love for their lipstick top make their lips warm?

I know the last question was kinda weird but hear me out! I’ve been testing out different neutral colored lipsticks, browns particularly. Many of them are kinda average…basic if you will. However, the Cover Girl lipstick in Coffee Crave is really good. It’s been my go to neutral lip color since I bought it. Not only does it glide on easy, it gives your lips so much moisture so if you don’t have chap stick handy (which happens to me all the time), this lipstick moisturizes and gives your lips a nice color.

Oddly enough, the smell of the lipstick is pretty good too. I’m not normally one to want scented face products, but it’s a subtle scent. It was makes my lips warm after I apply it. Not in a way that stings but it’s a very light heating feeling.

I’d recommend it, and I never really go for Cover Girl cosmetics but I may have to try out more next time I go to Target.

Marah Renee

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