Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara Review

   Does anyone know how often you’re supposed to change your mascara? Maybe every two to three months? Not sure. I do know since I’ve been using this mascara from Revlon, I have yet to throw it away because I love it that much. I’m also to cheap to buy another one, which is besides the point…

Not only has this mascara lasted for quite a few months, there has been minimal clumpiness (if that’s a word) of the produce and it still feels like there’s more produce in the tube. The brush/applicator is strong and the bristles go through each individual eyelashes, so they look long & thick. Many people think I am wearing fake eyelashes, but really it’s my secret weapon of perfect lashes: my mascara. (lol dramatic I know)

Do you have any mascara that you’re obsessed with? Leave comment so I know which ones to try next time!

Marah Renee

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