30 Day Wardrobe Challenge – Day 10


Day 10: Mix an expensive item from your closet with something under $100.

The description of my jacket is a sweatshirt so lets go with that.

Not only is this sweatshirt the most comfortable thing ever in life, but it doesn’t look like a sweatshirt either. That’s what we all want right? The look of being chic, but not being uncomfortable. Hence, leggings, jeggings, track pants, jumpers, and all that jazz. Anyway, my so called “sweatshirt” is the expensive portion of my outfit. It’s Helmut Lang, which should give you a hint of the price. I won’t tell you the price, you can look up on their website or on Nordstrom, where I got it from. I personally think it’s worth the price because I wear it all the time and it’s so comfortable, especially on cold, rainy days like this. I paired my jacket back to a simple Wildfox tee, that I got on sale at (you guessed it) Nordstrom.

DSCN2336 DSCN2340DSCN2348

Jacket: Helmut Lang, Tee: Wildfox, Boots: Just Fab DSCN2334

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